What is Mind?

Mind is the connecting link between all things. With your mind you perceive what is, recall what has been and speculate about what will be. Your mind is the home of both your worst nightmares and your most beautiful dreams. Your mind creates reality; nothing is or is not unless your mind perceives it to be so.

According to Zen philosophy each human being has two minds: a finite mind and an infinite mind. Your finite or everyday mind houses your thoughts, memories, desires and feelings. Your infinite mind is the unchanging, quintessential portion of your being. The degree of success that you attain in all of your physical, mental and spiritual undertakings is dependent upon the strength and clarity of your finite mind and your ability to access your infinite mind.

In the study of Zen you can learn how to strengthen and clarify your finite mind. Your finite mind is like a muscle; when exercised it becomes stronger. If you fail to exercise your finite mind, it deteriorates.

Practicing zazen and mindfulness consistently and correctly, over a period of time, can bring strength and clarity to your finite mind and eventually give you access to your infinite mind.

Within your infinite mind is the still center of eternity where all pasts, presents and future meet. The intuitive wisdom that comes from your infinite mind can add to your creativity, success and well-being, and can take you to the threshold of enlightenment.

Reprinted from "The Zen Experience"
© 1987 Rama Seminars Inc.