Rama Meditating

1986 Tantric Zen Seminar Brochure

Life is a state of mind. All that you see, feel and experience is a reflection of the state of mind that you are currently in.

When you are happy it is because you have wandered into a happy state of mind. When you are unhappy it is because you have traveled into a depressed state of mind. When you are Enlightened it is because you have gained access to an Enlightened state of mind. All that exists is mind and it is your state of mind that determines everything that happens to you throughout the course of your life.

Most people stumble in and out of different states of mind without knowing how or why they enter or leave them. Happiness and unhappiness, success and failure, ignorance and self knowledge are matters of chance.

Tantric Zen, as taught by Zen Master Rama, is the study of the Ten Thousand states of mind. It is a practice in which you can learn to recognize and enter into happier and more expansive states of mind at will.

Zen Master Rama stresses Enlightenment. He speaks of the awakened mind, the diamond mind of the Buddhas. He teaches how to develop your mind and explore its potentials. Using Tantric Zen dialogues, meditation, humor and the radiance of Enlightenment he points the way to the infinite possibilities of our own minds.

Zen is wakefulness. Awakening to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of your life, nature, and all that lies both within and beyond your mind. The practice of Zen creates a heightened awareness of the beauty within all things, a sense of happiness, freedom and a self mastery which allows you to gain control of your time, life career and relationships.

While Zen Masters have gained a reputation for eccentricity both in their teaching methods and their own personal lives, it is interesting to note that the Zen methodless methods have produced more Enlightened teachers than any other path of self realization.

Zen Master Rama teaches Tantric Zen. Tantric Zen does not involve rules, complex schedules and harsh meditation practices. It is the natural and gentle study of mind and meditation in all of its forms and manifestations.

Zen Master Rama teaches seminars in Tantric Zen to persons who want to master and enjoy their minds. His Zen dialogues with the audience, which are often punctuated with his own special humor, are graceful encounters with the knowledge of Enlightenment. He may speak about computers, shopping malls, advanced or introductory meditation methods, sexual relationships or Nirvana. His methodless method of juxtapositioning incongruous concepts, ideas and views of life, coupled with the energy of his Enlightenment, provides a unique opportunity for you to learn about and experience Enlightened states of mind quickly and powerfully.

An encounter with Zen Master Rama and his ever changing world of "inside out and upside down reality" will broaden and expand your mental horizons. You will learn much, unlearn more and have a rare opportunity to listen to, meditate with and meet one of the great teachers of our time.

Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz


Reprinted from "Tantric Zen" © 1986 Rama Seminars Inc
Photo © 1986 Harry Langdon