What Are The Ten Thousand States Of Mind?

According to Zen Buddhist cosmology there are ten thousand different states of mind to view and understand life through. Most people experience only a few of the ten thousand states of mind during their entire lifetime.

Through the practice of Zen it is possible for you to gain entry into any of the ten thousand states of mind. Each of the ten thousand states of mind presents you with a different view of essence and experience.

Most persons spend their lives stuck in relatively low states of mind. In these states of mind their views of themselves and the world around them are often severely limited.

Through the study of Zen you can learn to move from lower to higher states of mind at will. Higher states of mind offer you a much more accurate picture of reality.

In lower states of mind you are unhappy, and the world around you appears to be dismal. You doubt your own good ideas, make unnecessary mistakes and get yourself into unfortunate situations. When you learn to live in higher states of mind you are the master of circumstances and situations. You can address your career, relationships, artistic and athletic interests with the full power of your mind and create a level of success in live that few human beings experience.

In advanced Zen a person comes to realize that the existence of things and their ability to perceive them correctly is completely dependent upon their state of mind.

There is no self, yet we all exist. All phenomena are "empty," yet they have Buddha nature. With this knowledge a Zen master is able to change who he is and the world around him simply by moving from one state of mind to another.

Reprinted from "The Zen Experience"
© 1987 Rama Seminars Inc.